Our full list of executive officers, elected and appointed.

President and Vice President

Kelvin Stallings
A smiling black woman with long, brown hair in braids and a brown-and-red jacket over a black undershirt.
Allison Allen-Mongo

Executive Vice President


Executive Leadership

A smiling white man with brown hair in a gray suit, sitting in front of an American flag.
Wilson Brown

VP for Communications


A white man with brown hair in a blue suit.
Michael Evola

VP for Development


An African-American man with short, brown hair in a blue suit looking at the camera from a 3/4 position.
Dorian Palmer

VP for Membership


A white, nonbinary person with long, brown hair and glasses in a white dress shirt.
Katherine Jeanes
A sepia-toned photograph of a white woman with auburn hair and a flowery shirt.
Melissa Cordell
A white woman with long blonde hair and a necklace wearing a blue 'I Wrote The Damn Bill' t-shirt

Kristen Robinson

Western Regional Director


A white woman with long, blond hair and a small nose ring wearing a suit

Ansley Fennell

Piedmont Regional Director


A white man with blond hair and glasses in a pink shirt

Samuel Johnson

Eastern Regional Director


YDA and Partner Leadership

A smiling white man with short, blond hair in a blue suit.
Jon McLamb

YDA Representative


A smiling white woman with long, blonde hair in a black suit.
Anderson Clayton

YDA Representative


A white woman with long, blonde hair in a gray sweater, smiling in a field.
Jenna Kubiak
Stylized graphic of a gray silhouette
Kevin Lin

Caucus Chairs


Tia Canada

Disability Issues

Quinton Hawkins


Albaro Reyes-Martinez


Sebastian Feculak


Lauren LaVigne


Garret Whipkey


Jessica Lanier

District Chairs

1 Myelle Thompson

2 Nathaniel Jacobs

3 Autumn Gillikin

4 Damien Gu

5 Stephen Leverton

6 Elijah Mears

7 Vacant

8 Mackenzie Reedybacon

9 Caroline Broadfoot

10 Ali Wofford

11 Emily Whitmire

12 Vacant

13 Vacant