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Our Mission

We believe in the American values of freedom, fairness, equality, and social justice. We believe the Democratic Party at its best embodies these values, and the Young Democrats of North Carolina exists to advance these principles and give the youth of North Carolina a vehicle for progressive change.

Latest Updates

Response to the leaked Draft Opinion on Roe v. Wade.
RALEIGH, NC–The illegitimate conservative majority of the Supreme Court stolen by an extremist minority party looks to have voted to overturn Roe v. Wade in a landmark decision by the Court. This move will threaten the lives of millions of Americans across our country. During its time, Roe v. Wade saved countless lives by allowing …
Resignation of President Taylor A. Beckett
President Taylor Beckett has presented a letter of resignation to the Executive Board & Committee effective at 5:01 PM yesterday. Executive Vice President Allison Allen-Mongo has assumed the responsibilities of the presidency as Acting President pending the opportunity to hold an election to fill the office pursuant to our bylaws (Article V, section 9). YDNC …
YDNC Announces Dogwood Program & Candidates
Concord – The Young Democrats of North Carolina are excited to roll out a fantastic new initiative we call the Dogwood Program. With grassroots organizing as its foundation, Dogwood encourages our chapters to participate in their local elections by providing logistical and financial support that hasn’t been seen from our organization in years. The key …
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America’s Oldest Young Democrats

Founded in 1928 by Tyre Taylor, the Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) is the oldest Young Democrats chapter in America and the founding chapter of Young Democrats of America.

The vision of the Young Democrats of North Carolina is to make North Carolina a better place by promoting its issues, its young people, and the spirit of the Democratic Party.

Meet Our Partners

College Democrats of North Carolina

For all Democrats who are currently students at a community college, college, or university in North Carolina.

North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats

For all Democrats between the ages of thirteen and nineteen in North Carolina.