LGBTQ+ Caucus Statement on the Transgender Military Ban Reversal

Young Democrats of North Carolina

January 25, 2021

"Today, the Biden administration once again took executive action to reverse anti-LGBTQ policies set by the previous administration by rescinding the Transgender military ban. This is a victory for every American who values safety and security. This is a victory for every service member who has bravely worn the uniform bearing the flag of the United States. This is because our country has always been stronger when those who wish to provide for the common defense, are able to. We've seen this with the integration of our Armed Forces, and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. This is further exemplified by those Transgender patriots who wish to serve side by side with Americans from all walks of life.

While this policy has been erased, the cruel and prideful bigotry of the time has not been. This remains in far too many quarters, from military leadership to our halls of government. The LGBTQ+ community must remain steadfast as we fend off homophobic and transphobic attacks. The only solution is to remain determined on the path to progress, to lead with empathy and inclusivity, and to root out that bigotry and replace it with acceptance. Today's decision is living proof that elections matter."

- Noah Ambrose
LGBTQ+ Caucus Chair


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