Statement On The Extreme GOP Abortion Ban

Young Democrats of North Carolina

May 2, 2023

Republicans in the NC General Assembly have made it clear that no matter how damaging, unjust, and unpopular this extreme abortion ban would be — they will proceed anyways.

Their priority isn’t the well-being of children. If it were, our public schools would have universal free lunches and enough counselors.

Their priority isn’t families. If it were, we would have adequate maternal health resources, affordable childcare, and would still have the Child Tax Credit.

Their priority is restricting abortion access, and with it, peoples’ freedom to make their own choices about if and when to start a family.

We strongly condemn this craven attack on abortion access and reproductive freedom — and we will not rest until the right to choose is safe again in North Carolina.


About the Young Democrats of North Carolina

The Young Democrats of North Carolina is the statewide federation of Young Democrats clubs in North Carolina, with membership open to registered Democrats within the ages of 16 and 35. Founded in 1928, YDNC is the oldest Young Democrats organization in the United States and the founding chapter of the Young Democrats of America.