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YDNC Executive Committee Gets To Work

Young Democrats of North Carolina

May 2, 2021

The 2021-2022 session of the Young Democrats of North Carolina got off to an excellent start this weekend as the new Executive Committee met for the first time. Following the successful elections of new officers to YDNC's various caucuses on Saturday afternoon, the committee oversaw the approval of a diverse slate of forty nominees to various appointed positions within the organization, including a full set of Regional Directors, District Chairs, and members of various committees. The appointees also include the first women to serve as Regional Directors in the modern incarnation of these positions and a majority-female slate of district chairs for the first time.

The Beckett Administration is firing on all cylinders and ready to get to work building a new momentum for Young Democrats all across North Carolina. In addition to approving these appointments, the committee also got started on numerous important initiatives for the coming year, including the administration's Chapter Investment & Infrastructure Plan, the adoption of Slack as a platform for cross-organization communication, and the first steps toward forming a scholarship fund for up-and-coming young political activists.

We congratulate the newly-appointed individuals and newly-elected caucus chairs below and look forward to working with them:

Regional Directors

Eastern — Samuel Johnson
Piedmont — Ansley Fennell
Western — Kristen Robinson

District Chairs

1st District — Myelle Thompson
2nd District —
Kris Rixon
3rd District —
Autumn Gillikin
4th District —
Damien Gu
5th District —
Stephen Leverton
6th District —
Elijah Mears
7th District —
Shar Martinez
8th District —
Mackenzie Reedybacon
9th District —
Caroline Broadfoot
10th District —
Ali Wofford
11th District —
Emily Whitmire
12th District —
Judd Larkins
13th District —
John Coleman

District Vice-Chairs

1st District — Cathy Leake
4th District —
CJ Robinson
8th District —
Landon Keith

Charter & Bylaws Committee

Kelvin Stallings, Zach Finley, Ali Fazal, Cathy Leake

Resolutions Committee

Ali Fazal, Michael Evola, Natalee Nieves, Caroline Broadfoot, Kris Rixon

Amendment Advocacy Committee

Taylor Beckett, Jenna Kubiak, Kevin Lin, Katherine Jeanes, Anderson Clayton, Jon McLamb, Daniel Franch, Dorian Palmer, Cortney Bohannon

Communications Committee

Katherine Jeanes, Garrett Readling, Elijah Mears

Caucus Chairs

Black Caucus — Tia Canada
Disability Issues Caucus — Quinton Hawkins
Hispanic Caucus — Albaro Reyes-Martinez
LGBTQ+ Caucus — Lauren LaVigne
Rural Caucus — Samuel Johnson

If you're interested in getting more involved with the Young Democrats of North Carolina, let us know! You can fill out the contact form below or email us at!


About the Young Democrats of North Carolina

The Young Democrats of North Carolina is the statewide federation of Young Democrats clubs in North Carolina, with membership open to registered Democrats within the ages of 16 and 35. Founded in 1928, YDNC is the oldest Young Democrats organization in the United States and the founding chapter of the Young Democrats of America.